Review generation made easy with a simple prompt

Reviews are hard to come by, so the best way to generate reviews, is to give you a system that makes it as easy as possible to generate positive reviews instantly

People are more likely to visit your website or your business if they see good reviews. Strong reviews are also beneficial for search engine optimization. If Google sees that you have good reviews on their own network, then your website will rank higher in search engine results because Google will see you are popular and offer customers a good experience.

How It Works.

Our online system may be the easiest review management system you have ever used. All that is required to sign up is a quick search for your Google page, select it, type in your contact name and email address and your done. This will prompt a welcome email sent directly to your the email you provided with a link allowing you to set a password and login, and that’s it! Once you’ve logged in, you will be greeted by a quick tutorial showing you how to download a link to our system on your desktop, iPhone or Android device for quick easy access. You will also have access to simple tips on how to best generate instant 5 Star Google reviews while visiting with your customers. Our mission was to make this the easiest way to get Google reviews.

Simple, efficient and effective.

Exclusive Security.

Receive all the exclusive Review Prompt benefits with confidence knowing that we don’t sell any information collected on our system.

Easy sign up process

When you sign up, you will be emailed a link to set up your password and login.

Client dashboard

Quickly login to your dashboard from your Desktop or phone and send a request for a review. All you need is your customers first name and cell phone number.

Customer Database uploads

Upload your entire customer database and instantly send them a text requesting a Google Review. This is the easiest way to get a ton of great reviews quickly.

Real Time

All Google Review Prompts are sent INSTANTLY and all Google Reviews are posted instantly!

Improved response rates

Your team will be able to send requests to their customers while they are still with them. This can improve response rates by nearly 90%. Most customers will complete their review before they part ways.

The simplicity tells the story...

With a system like ours the numbers don’t lie and the simplicity is the primary benefit that you and your customers will love.

One simple Plan and No Hidden Charges!

Why complicate something that can be so simple. Most Review generating providers add so many unnecessary features that it actually hinders the enrollment process and often requires extensive training and in some cases even coding knowledge to use. They claim their features add value which really just means a higher cost to you. The truth is, all you really need is a system that generates Google reviews quickly and efficiently. With Review Prompt, we provide exactly what your business needs. More Google reviews at single affordable low monthly rate. 

What Cients are saying...

Alison Burgas
Las Vegas

Finally something that gives me exactly what I’m looking for without any fluff. A reasonable rate for a great Review generation tool that gives our team exactly what they need. GOOGLE REVIEWS!

Frequently Asked Questions

Your clients will receive a text from a phone number local to your area with a greeting customized by you. Email messages will be sent from

Yes, our system allows you to easily upload your entire customer database and then send a review request to the entire database with the click of only two buttons. You can also exclude clients from your list as you wish.

Yes, you can choose to only allow strong reviews with our review filter. Any review less than what you deem acceptable will be emailed to you and not posted publicly.

Once your two week free trial concludes, we will bill the card you entered for payment during the signup process. We will continue to bill your card automatically each month on the same calendar date.  

Yes, you can easily change your payment method at any time by clicking on your name at the top right of your dashboard and then click on billing.

Yes, but our limit is very generous. You can send as many as 1000 requests per month. In the rare instance that you need to send more. Please contact us for a custom package.

Yes, you can edit your outgoing message at any time.

Yes, we have a feature that allows you to invite as many customer facing employees as you require. Each employee will receive an invite to their email address with setup instructions and the ability to set their own password.

No. Our service is month to month because it works great and provides a real value added feature for your business.

Yes, if you wish to resell these services as an Agency or as an Affiliate, click here to qualify.

Connect With Us!

In the rare instance that our FAQ section didn’t answer your questions, please feel free to send us a message using the contact form and we’ll respond within (24) hours, Monday – Friday.  If you prefer to schedule a phone call, please click here.