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Agency and Affiliate

Resale Program

How does it work?

Review Prompt was created by a collaborative team of Marketing professionals and Computer Engineers with the sole purpose of simplifying something that should be simple. Our Co-Founders realized how hard it was to generate reviews and wanted to figure out a way to make it easier and Review Prompt is the result. Since then, our experienced team of programmers have turned Review Prompt into the easiest and most effective Google review generating system on the market today. We believe you will soon agree.

What is the difference between and Agency and an Affiliate?

As an Agency Partner you will receive a branded dashboard allowing you to signup your clients at our wholesale rate and bill them directly at a rate of your choosing. All outbound email messages generated when you sign up a client are generically branded allowing you to promote this system as if it is your own. As an Agency you must have a state business license with the intent of using Review Prompt as a value added service for your clients. Agency accounts are auto-billed monthly based on the number of clients they sign up on the system. Agencies are required to pay for their own account, but once you add and maintain at least (5) clients, your Agency account will be free.

Affiliates on the other hand, are not required to have a business license or have their own account. Affiliates are simply going to receive a self identifying link ( that they can promote however they choose. Affiliate pricing is based on our retail rate of $69.95/mo. for which they will receive a monthly commission for each person or company that signs up using their link and this will continue for the life of that client. Affiliates will never be billed by Review Prompt, but are required to have an active checking account where they will receive a monthly commission payment directly to their bank account on the 15th of every month.

Agency Benefits
Branded Resale Dashboard

As an Agency, you will receive your own branded dashboard where you can add/edit/suspend and delete customers 24/7.

Get your Agency account for free*

* Get your Agency account for free when you sign up and maintain at least (5) clients.

Charge your clients any amount

As an Agency, we don't govern what you can charge your clients. You can mark up as you wish or simply add our service as an added value to your existing packages.

Agency Start up

To get started, please schedule a call and one of our representatives will qualify you and explain how the Agency program works.

Affiliate Benefits
Sell without any cost to you

Affiliates are not required to sign up for an account. All you will need to do is register as an Affiliate using the button below to receive your personalized link.

Monthly commission straight to your bank*

* Yes, an active bank account is the only requirement to get started as an Affiliate. We don't mail checks, but you will receive a direct deposit on the 15th of each month.

Receive a personalized link to promote

You are free to promote your link however you wish. Any clients that sign up using your link, will be placed under your affiliate account and you will receive $30.00 a month for the life of each client you refer to our system.

Affiliate Start up

To get started, please click the Registration button below. Here, you will fill out a short form that will generate an email with your link ready for immediate use.

Frequently Asked Questions
If you still have questions, chances are they will be answered below.

Your Agency account functions just like your client accounts. So yes, you can generate instant Google reviews too.

At Review Prompt, we decided to offer the most competitive rate possible right off the bat. Most providers require you to have at least 5 to 10 locations before giving you the same rate we offer at startup.

No. Our service is month to month because it works great and provides a real value added feature for your business.

Yes, if you wish to resell these services as an Agency, you are free to mark up as you see fit. Affiliates on the other hand can only offer our retail rates of $69.95/mo. for which they will receive a commission.

Agencies are required to enter a credit card at sign up even with the free two week free trial. This card will be auto billed the Agency rate after your two week free trial concludes. We then automatically charge your card on file each month on the same calendar date. The billable amount each month will be based on the number of active clients you have on the system. Your clients will not receive a two week free trail, but you will be billed on a pro-rated basis for the first month on each new client.

Affiliates will not be billed unless you sign up to use the system for your own interests.  

We make it simple for you to sell Review Prompt.

Generate instant Google reviews for your clients or referrals. Our system is easy to use and our pricing is the best in the Industry making it easy to sell. Sounds like a win win for everyone.